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Business Solutions

Helping small & medium business stay on track with technology.

Business IT Support

A Proactive Approach to Technology and on-demand IT service for your business.

Our professionals keep your IT infrastructure optimized and secure

Originating from Greek mythology, a Titan is one that stands out for greatness of achievement. Titan Tek Biz’s mission is to provide IT solutions that meet technology standards for small to medium business. Running a successful business comes with complexities that we understand which fuels us to ensure that all your technology needs are looked after, leaving us to worry about your technology and you can focus on your business.

Titan Tek Biz offers a wide range of business IT support services, including on-site support, cybersecurity services, managed IT services, cloud services, web services, data cabling, audio/ video installations, security services and IT consulting to keep your business up and running. Our managed service packages are tailored in tiers which allows us to monitor your digital assets to ensure preventative maintenance and proactive troubleshooting, keeping your business safe in return from downtime and cyber threats.

Our technology team of experts have extensive experience working with small and medium enterprises and takes pride in the excellence of the quality of service we provide to our clients. As your Titan in technology, we go above and beyond to ensure that your entire organization has the technical assistance necessary to complete their jobs efficiently. Whether you’re looking for help setting up a new system or need ongoing assistance with cloud hosting solutions, remember that Titan Tek Biz can help in every step of the way

IT Consulting

We understand the challenges that small and medium businesses face when implementing and managing technology solutions. Whether you need streamlined processes or improved productivity, our experienced technology consultants are here

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Security Services

Security is the top priority for most and so it should be. Titan Tek Biz can help enhance your security by installing devices to monitor and protect your property. Our

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Audio/Video Installations

Titan Tek Biz can help set up equipment for sound and video, like speakers, projectors and TVs used in conference rooms, classrooms, and entertainment venues for high quality media.

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Data Cabling

Titan Tek Biz’s experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in proper design and implementation of networking standards to build proper infrastructures. We offer FREE Site surveys and upon

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Web Services

Titan Tek Biz offers full-service web design, development, marketing and hosting for small and medium businesses through our value trusted partners. Our partners have years of experience on the online

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Cloud Services

In today’s World, cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses, allowing you to access the files and programs you need from anywhere in the world through any internet-connected

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